Research interests
My research is predominately in the field of organisational communication. I am specificaly interested in the influence of organisational policies, procedures and systems on how workers interpret their role and how they allocate tasks. I use an interpretative epistemology and qualitative methodologies.

* Organisational communication
* Organisational culture (specialising in police culture)
* Social media
* Crime prevention, proactive policing and community policing
* Online learning
* Online professional development

Current research projects

Social media as a platform for professional development in healthcare, and the issues involved in maintaining registration requirements for geographically isolated practitoners.


Dr Sonia Saluja, Dr Sue Williams, Dr Kate Ames, Dr Celeste Lawson and Associate Professor Corneel Vandelanotte, Examining health literacy, mass media and social media communication for chronic disease management and prevention in Australia, Fostering Collaborative Research Projects Grant Scheme, Australian Health and Social Science Panel.

Manuscripts in development

Lawson, C. Integrated Service delivery through a crime prevention lens, Submittded to The Police Journal October 2014.

Lawson, C and Beer, C. Australian and New Zealand mission statements: building community confidence?

Lawson, C. Community policing a systematic review

Lawson, C. and Boyd, L, The dilemma of sharing images through social media in radiography